Custom Combination

As in our Custom Cut and Custom Infrared Solutions, SSC has the unique ability to offer the Infrasauna.   This merges our advanced traditional sauna technology and seamlessly combines it with CarbonFlex far-infrared technology.  The Infrasauna (Infrared and Sauna combination) can now be yours in one sauna.  What we do is to help you design a room that has both infrared panels and a traditional heater in one room and in the place you want it.

Saunatec is the pioneer of the carbon emitter and leads the market in carbon emitter technology and all the newest changes.  This technology can be included in virtually any Finnleo Modular sauna or Finnleo Custom Cut sauna up to 425 cu. Ft.

There are times when you may prefer to have the comfort and health benefits of a traditional sauna, and there are times that you may want to sit in an infrared sauna and enjoy a milder heat therapy. Whichever way you decide, you can enjoy either one of these luxuries with a Custom Combination sauna. Call us to learn why this is so desired by people making an investment in a sauna.

The Benefits of finnleo infrared therapy

  • Deep relaxation for body and mind
  • Even and mild warming with less strain too the cardiovascular system
  • Dry warmth at low temperatures generates mild, healthful perspiration
  • Infrared warmth can help relieve strains and back aches, and loosen muscles and joints
  • The healthful stimulation of infrared warmth strengthens the immune system, supporting its powers of resistance
  • Improves circulation, stimulating metabolism and optimizing organ function
  • Intense cleansing effect promotes oxygen absorption in the skin
  • Helps you swear out impurities, detoxifies skin and body
  • Warms muscles when preparing for physical activities such as workouts, loosening the muscles and helping to prevent injuries
  • Finnleo infrared cabins are ready to use immediately, no waiting for the cabin to warm up. They also use very low energy, making them cost-effective
Custom Combination panels

The Lowest EMR + EF available

Simply put, no other infrared sauna system minimizes your exposure to EMR and EF better than Pure Infra. Our exclusive patent-pending technology means Pure Infra saunas produce less EMR and EF than sanctioned by Sweden’s radiation standards—the toughest in the world.