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S Series Collection

The latest addition to the infrared category was the stunningly designed S Series line.  It uses all the best technology described and has the following features.  Many of these saunas require no extra electrical work and plug into a 120V outlet. 


  •  All glass front
  • Designer Handle
  • Valance Lighting – upper and lower
  • Colored lighting
  • LCD integrated panel
  • Stereo System with Blue Tooth Connectivity

B Series Collection

The Original Premium Line set a new standard in infrared sauna design and performance.

Suffice it to say, “Nothing is missing.” Though competitors try to copy the B-Series design, it simply cannot be duplicated. With innovative heating technology combined with patented design – the B-series offers supreme value. Check out our line of portable B-series sauna to see which one fits your needs the best.

  • Gorgeous wood
  • Colored Lighting
  • Exterior Overhang Lighting
  • Interior and exterior Smart Control

G Series Collection

The G Series is our economical line of saunas.  They are designed with full coverage emitters but lack some of the features in the S and B lines.  The emitters achieve the right micron levels for therapy.  These saunas include a white light and stereo but lack many of the features, benefits and warranty of the S and B series.